Vacation Bible School for Kids

Want to send your kids to a fun vacation Bible school this summer? Want them to hear age-appropriate themes about Moses, Abraham, Noah’s Ark, and what Jesus has done for them? Want them to come home every night excited to share what they’ve learned, and excited to talk more about the Bible and God with you?

And, want them to do all this while making new friends? Want them to develop deep friendships with other Believers their own age, as they talk about things that matter and have a blast together? Want them to leave the Bible school with new friends who will help them to stay strong in their faith and stay (or get) on the right path? 

You’re in luck. Franktown SDA Church is hosting a FREE 5-day summer camp for kids age 5-12. There will be free food, lots of fun, and great conversations about God and what He’s done for us. Don’t miss it!

Details below:

When: June 2-6, 2024

Where: Franktown SDA Church (905 N. Highway 83, Franktown CO 80116)

What time (every night): 6pm

Interested? Fill out the form below to RSVP.

Vacation Bible School for Kids