Are You Struggling With Depression?

If you’re struggling with depression, please know that you are not alone. Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, and it afflicts over 21 million men and women per year in the United States.

You are not alone–and there can be comfort in solidarity.

Depression can feel like a lead weight around your shoulders, dragging you down. It can make it hard to do ordinary things like muster the energy for work or even get out of bed. It can steal your enthusiasm and whisper in your ear that you’re worthless. Even more perniciously, depression can lie to you and tell you that there’s nothing you can do to beat it or to get back to that place of energy and enthusiasm for life.

But there is hope. You can beat depression. You can get back to the life of joy and laughter and light that you’ve been yearning for.

The truth is that God doesn’t want you to suffer from depression. He wants to heal you…not just a little bit around the edges, but to make you completely new in His image. To free you from fear and depression, from low energy and feelings of worthlessness.

He wants you to live every day full of joy and love and closeness to Him. Far from feeling worthless, He wants you to wake up every day knowing how deeply you are loved by Him.

If you yearn to experience healing, we invite you to attend our 3-day in-person Mindfit workshop coming up on April 4-6. Mindfit was designed by Pastor Alex Rodriguez, and pairs clinical psychology practices with Biblical truth to give you the tools you need to let go of your depression.

The workshop is in-person and will be hosted at Franktown Church.

Details below:

When: April 4-6, 2024

Time: Starts at 7pm each day.

Where: 905 N. Hwy 83 Franktown, CO 80116

Want to learn more? Click the button below to watch the trailer or to RSVP.